St. Thomas Aquinas School is

Committed to Excellence

Since 1927

Focused attention to each student's potential

Small Class Sizes

Thrived at St. Thomas

Our children have thrived at St. Thomas Aquinas School. Our daughter's reading improved from the 65th percentile to the 92nd percentile in one school year, and that was testing with students a grade ahead of her. Besides the academic strides, our children report feeling loved by their teachers and peers. They are excited to attend school every day.

Dedicated and Genuinely Care

We have found that the faculty and staff are very dedicated and genuinely care about the students.  The student to teacher ratio at St. Thomas School  is under many other schools, which allows teachers to be more attentive to the students’ needs. The school promotes active learning and critical thinking that cultivates a collaborative learning environment with a rigorous academic curriculum.  The religious education in the school is also outstanding and is manifest in the children’s behavior and manners, and respect shown for everyone. While academic program is rigorous and requires discipline on the part of the student and the parents, the school also has an exceptional emphasis on Art and Music. Our children go to school every day and are eager to come home to tell us all about what they’ve learned.

High Academic Standards

As an alumni of St. Thomas Aquinas School, I know that my children will receive a solid Catholic education and benefit greatly from the small community and high academic standards that St. Thomas offers.  Our family is thankful for the wonderful opportunities available at St. Thomas.


  1. percent of surveyed respondents are satisfied with the school.
  2. (2018 Internal Survey)


  1. percent of respondents agree that their student feels like they belong at St. Thomas.​ (2018 Internal Survey)


  1. percent of respondents feel students respect each other.

(2018 Internal Survey)


  1. percent of respondents agree teachers care about their students at St. Thomas! (2018 Internal Survey)

Focused on Each Student

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